Why royalties could be the perfect income investment.  Intellectual property assets with a strong track record of consistent earnings may be excellent for those seeking income. Owners of intellectual property of any kind are paid every time their IP is used. They create an asset once, and then collect payment over and over again.

Imagine this… a songwriter writes a song for a film and this movie becomes a classic; the type of film that people watch many times over a period of years. One of these films–even 20 years after its release date–still airs on TV nearly every week and is purchased or streamed on iTunes, Amazon Video, Netflix, and even on DVD. Every time one this film is bought, streamed, or aired on TV you get paid.

The songwriter has a couple of choices here.  He or she could continue to take in the royalty income produced from his song or the songwriter could sell the royalty income and even the song itself to someone else.  That is where you come in.  You are the buyer of the song and its royalty income.  You could make 12%-20% income on royalty streams, per year! That kind of earning power is nothing to sneeze at.

There is a reason why you should seriously consider buying royalties.  Royalties don't rust. They don't get sued by angry workers. And they don't require expensive tools or machinery to make money. Somebody creates it once and it makes money for decades.

In addition, royalties:

Can earn consistent cash flow.

Are long-term assets (royalties can be paid for the life of the artist +70 years)!

They have relative price, or NAV (Net Asset Value) stability.

They have the potential for capital appreciation - especially now.

Until recently, you probably never had the opportunity to own income-producing intellectual property. That’s where Royalty Exchange comes in. It is a marketplace where these types of royalty assets are bought and sold. They specialize in intellectual property with a documented track record of regular, consistent income.

Through their one-of-a-kind platform, investors can buy privately owned royalty rights directly from the artists, inventors and creators. In a world of negative interest rates, these income-generating royalty rights just might be the perfect investment.

Music royalties are gaining attention as a new income-oriented alternative investment.

While they share many similarities with other popular alternatives, such as non-correlation to the economy and the ability to diversify risk, for most people music royalties are a brand new asset class.

Music royalties are a new asset for many investors. Even if you are an investor who is new to music royalty investing evaluating the data can help you make the most confident and profitable choices possible like when investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. However, unlike traditional investments, when you invest in music royalties you can actually listen to and enjoy the asset you have chosen while potentially earning consistent income, even as the stock market or greater economy drags.

You should create a free account to view all of the music royalty assets that they have up for auction on the site. You can create the free account in less than two minutes.

To take advantage, go to the Royalty Exchange website at www.royaltyexchange.com.

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