Ecclesiastes 11:2
Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight;
you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.
Prudent investments can reduce your worries.

The investment area is fraught with uncertainty and the road to wealth can be difficult to navigate. It would be wise for you to diversify your investments in several ventures. If one venture performs poorly then others can compensate.

Where Should you Invest?

Should one of your investment ventures be Bitcoin? Well, it can go up a lot but it can also go to zero. After all it is just air, right? There is no real tangible asset behind Bitcoin. Sure, you can invest some into it if you want. Just don’t go all in. Who knows the future really?

Yes, stocks can be another investment venture of yours. And of course your real estate in another one. Your business, if you have one, in another.

But there is one venture you do not want to miss out on. We are talking about precious metals and most especially the yellow one which is the ultimate form of money - Gold. Yes, the one you can hold in your hand. In uncertain times, this type of asset holds up better any other investment, bar none.

Why Gold?

Just look at the US dollar and other currencies. We all know the government is constantly printing and increasing the money supply. Since the 1930s, the U.S. dollar has lost 99% of its value against gold. Same with all other currencies. Why? Because they can’t print gold. As a result, the supply of gold does not change but the supply of paper money does. Printing more paper is a heck of lot easier than trying to dig out more gold from the ground, wouldn’t you agree? And adding more zeros to a financial computer screen is even more easy.

Protect Yourself From Inflation With Gold.

Let me tell you a story and you'll get the idea why gold bullion is the real deal.

You live on an island where the rest of the world is just water (hypothetically) with 5 gold coins and 5 one dollar bills. On the island, let us say each gold coin is worth $1 each. So 5 gold coins = 5 one dollars.

Now a lone sailboat with a computer printer on board, swings by the island and prints 5 more one dollar bills. The sailboat drops them on the island and then leaves.  Now the supply of one dollar bills doubled to 10. So now it is 5 gold coins = 10 one dollars. In other words, it takes 2 dollars to buy 1 gold coin.

It is simple supply and demand. All of a sudden the gold coins doubled in price from $1 to $2.  A local on the island realized that the $1 in his hand could now only buy a half of one gold coin. Purchasing value was immediately cut in half for that $1.

If you happened to be an investor before this all happened and had a $1 in your pocket, and knew the sailboat is coming, you would want to buy a gold coin beforehand. Because you knew that afterwards the same gold coin would cost $2. Buying beforehand keeps your purchasing value safe. As a result, you will be better able to take care of your family.

Why is this story relevant today?  Well, money is being printed out of thin air. The dollar supply is increasing which causes inflation. And gold bullion is the ultimate protection from inflation. Over a hundred years ago one gold coin could buy a nice suit, shirt, tie, and shoes. The same gold coin can do the likewise today.  But the same cannot be said for paper money.

What does history tell us? If you happen to look at the past 5,000 years you will see thousands of countries have tried alternatives to the yellow metal. Every time after they debased or diluted their currency to nothing, they had to go back to the yellow metal. It never failed to hold its value. This time will be no different.

So what is the best way to buy gold?

Gold and silver jewelry is good but it is not best way to hold precious metals. Once you buy jewelry, you cannot quickly and easily sell it for a price equal to what you paid for or higher. No, you need it in a form that is easily recognizable, standard, and highly liquid. Something that can be readily traded on the market where someone will buy it immediately just like money. What form is that? We are talking about BULLION. In other words, solid bars and coins filled with pure gold or silver or platinum.

It really is a good idea to put at least 10% of your wealth in gold bullion to protect yourself from inflation.

How do you take advantage of this?

Fortunately we live in a country that allows you to buy gold bullion. It is best to find reputable dealers where you can buy gold, silver, and platinum coins and bars. One of the most reputable dealers we know of is Golden State Mint.

Gold Bullion buy online

Golden State Mint is a private family owned boutique that has been in the precious metals business for a very long time, since 1974. They have become a trustworthy brand and are located in Central Florida. This is the type of company you would want to deal with. This is because it is common knowledge that reputable and well established family operations give much better attention to their clients than the large companies. Naturally, the company’s customer service has gotten very high marks from clients on their products and services. The owners themselves are father and son, Jim and Andrew Pavlakosvery. And they are very involved, friendly, and quick to help. Because of this, they have been known to have the shortest lead times in the industry.

They are not only a Precious Metal Dealer, they are also a Mint.

Their state-of-the-art process and equipment on their production line enable them to use the most modern techniques to produce high quality gold, silver, and copper bullion. You can actually ask them create a custom design of a precious metal coin or bar according to your specifications with the help of Golden State Mint designers. Other dealers act as a middle-man to market this Mint’s products. But you can purchase your coins directly from Golden State Mint and cut out the middle-man, saving you money.

Very Competitive Prices.

We compared the bullion prices of Golden State Mint versus other gold dealers. The coin we used in our comparison was the brand new American Silver Eagle, one ounce, as a test. After the review we were pleasantly surprised that the Mint had the lowest premium over the spot price compared to the 7 leading competitors. The competitor’s premium prices over spot were between 6% to 20% higher than Golden State Mint.

Golden State Mint sells gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper in bars and coins.  We especially recommend you click on the DEALS tab there where you will find the best prices and deals available.

Couple of other things to mention. They can also help you set up an IRA for your physical metals. And they have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Please check them out below.

Golden State Mint - Direct to you