A large crowd of shoppers.


They grabbed the last loaf of bread, a bottle of aspirin, and rushed over to the third aisle see if there was any more canned food left. But they were too late. A crowd was already there, fighting over the last few cans left on the shelf. Mike gave Sarah a worried glance as they headed over to the cashier. After waiting in line for 2 hours they finally paid for the groceries. As he fumbled for the car keys, he wished that he had listened to his uncle’s urgent advice a month ago to stock up on food. They only had a week supply. The event caught everybody off guard. All over the nation hordes of shoppers flooded stores and emptied shelves, looking to stockpile groceries and household items to prepare for uncharted territory.

You never know. Anything can happen and life can turn on a dime. Lockdowns, shocks affecting food production, crashing economy, loss of jobs, truckers strikes, and the like. Food shortages can last longer than you expect. If you run out of food then what will you do?

It would be better to not ever be in that rough spot in the first place. If you prepare, you would be in a much better situation than the majority. Wise preparation can be life saving.

But how you prepare is critical. Below are options that people typically resort to.

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Types Of Food Preservation.
.....Frozen Food.
.....Dehydrated Food.
.....Freeze Dried Food.
We searched for the best freeze dried meal suppliers as seen below.
.....My Patriot Supply
.....Legacy Food Storage
.....Valley Food Storage
.....Ready Wise
.....Nutrient Survival
.....Mountain House
Our research approach.
Announcing the My Patriot Supply company.
.....My Patriot Supply  were #1 in all of the below categories.
.....But the real kicker was the price per calorie.
Side By Side Feature Comparision.
Other Notes.

Types Of Food Preservation.

Frozen Food.

Bad choice because what if the electricity gets cut off? How is the food going to stay cold? And frozen food last no more than 2 years. Also the nutrition loss of frozen foods is 40 - 60%! This is because the food cells rupture when frozen, causing nutrition loss through cellular damage.


Problem with this is that they don’t last for long either, up to only 3 years. We see a lot of people making this mistake, stockpiling canned food for hard times. They are wasting their money (unless they can eat it fast enough). Also canning is even worse with nutrition loss upwards of 60 - 80%! This is caused mainly in part by a combination of high temperatures and the foods being immersed in water.

Dehydrated Food.

Better than canning or frozen and lasts a date range of 3 to 4 years. But dehydrating destroys nearly half of the nutritional value at 40% of nutrition being wiped out. This is because dehydrating also uses high temperatures. Moreover, it is also stuffed with salt. In just one meal, you've almost hit your daily sodium target which is going to raise your blood pressure and make you feel like junk.

Freeze Dried Food.

This is the best method as you can store for 25-30 years. It puts you in control of your family’s survival, no matter the circumstances. Freeze-dried foods retain around 97% of the nutrients, much better than the other alternatives. It is also lighter. Just add water and you got a meal.

We suggest freeze dried food as the best option. You get the most bang for the buck. They last longer (25-30 years), they keep more of the nutrition value (97%), they are lighter to carry (moisture is removed), and they are easier to eat (just add water).

We searched for the best freeze dried meal suppliers as seen below.

My Patriot Supply

Legacy Food Storage

Valley Food Storage

Ready Wise

Nutrient Survival

Mountain House

Our research approach.

Regarding our search for the best freeze dried meals, we had a special approach. We opted on focusing on the one year supply of freeze dried food and compared each brand offering. Furthermore, it is recommended that daily food intake should be 2,000 calories per person. Falling short of that can cause health issues. Therefore, we used the 2,000 calories as our benchmark for comparing brand offerings.

It took some number crunching. After all results were in, there was one brand that stood out from the rest and blew away the competition. It was not even a contest. Here is why My Patriot Supply won. They were the most calorie-dense food supply available. And not only that, but they were also #1 in many areas we covered.

Announcing the My Patriot Supply company.

My Patriot Supply  were #1 in all of the below categories.

Average Calories per Day#1 - with the best average of 1998 calories per day. Competitors were short of that ranging between 1,182 to 1,775 calories per day.
Number of 2,000 Calorie Units for One Year#1 - with a full 365 days covered on a 2,000 calorie meal each day. Competitors ranged between a very low of 215 to 324 days covered.
Varieties of Food#1 - had the most varieties of food at 21. Competitors had way less varieties of food, ranging between 6 to 17.

But the real kicker was the price per calorie.

Price per 2,000 Calories#1 - had the best price of $7.40 per 2,000 calories. Competitors had much more higher prices, ranging between $11.86 to an expensive $24.93.

And it doesn’t stop there. My Patriot Supply also has the best customer service. Moreover, their food is USA grown with no MSG. And they are the only supplier who clearly showed us how much protein there is per day which is a healthy 45 grams a day. When you shop on their website you will see the option to buy not only long term food storage but other emergency preparedness items such as water filtration systems, survival gear, first aid kits, and heirloom seeds. They even have survival coffee. To top it all off, there have been great reviews on the food taste which is delicious.

It is our impression that My Patriot Supply wins the gold medal.

We have listed all the features in spreadsheet format for your convenience below.

Side By Side Feature Comparision.

Side by side feature comparision between brands.


We were surprised to find out how easy it was to determine which brand gave the most bang for the buck.  If you are also looking for the best freeze dried backpacking food, check out their short-term food storage options. For more information on My Patriot Supply, please click on below.

Other Notes.

But on the other hand, if you want to make your own freeze dried food then you should check our DIY article on that which is actually even cheaper.

If as a prepper, you already have the food area covered, then it would be wise to consider how to approach your medical supplies too. We have an article for that here - Medical Herbs, Better Ingredients Better Medicine.


Customer review.

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