Work out of the bedroom anywhere in the world.

Internet Marketing is a business in itself.  It can be a very lucrative business idea you can employ.  It is such a wide field and there are many opportunities to take advantage of.  You want to find your niche.  Once you figure out what niche you would be interested in focusing on then you can work on positioning yourself as an expert in that area.  You can find out how big that market is by doing a keyword research online.  Simply go to a free website tool at and type some words related to the area you are interested in.  It will show you how popular each key word that you type is, in other words how many monthly searches the keyword generates.  You can estimate how much traffic you can expect.

What about the products to advertise?  What kind of product can you make that will SELL?

Best Products Online That Will Sell?

The best products to sell online are information products.  It can be an ebook, audio course, CD’s, DVD’s, books, seminars, and the like.  The reason why is there is almost no cost to reproduce.  An ebook can be sent to customers thousands of times and requires no inventory.  They are easy to deliver like a simple download of an ebook or pdf which costs practically nothing to distribute.  Because of no inventory or distribution costs, the only cost your gross sales need to beat is the cost of advertising which is the break even point practically.

You can make this product yourself or hire someone to make it for you.

You can demand what traffic will bear because information has huge value in todays world.

To market the product you can use various marketing channels.  You can market through direct mail, emails, google Adwords, newspaper or magazine advertising, etc.

No Product To Sell?

What if you don’t have a product to sell?  There is a way around it.  Simply use somebody’s else product to sell.  You see all these mom and pop business.  Most of them believe that if you build a better mousetrap that the world will beat a path to their door.  That is not usually the case.  They need to market their product and that is where you come in.

Where Can You Sell?

You can go find the owner of websites that these mom and pop business have and find the contact information by going to and entering the website name.  It will show you the registered owner of the website and owner details.

You contact the owner and try to arrange a deal with them.  You offer them to market their product or service for a percentage of the extra profit your advertisement generates for them.  They might agree to split the profits with you 50/50 or something like that.

They almost always have a list of past customers.  You use that list to promote a new product or service that the owner has or one that you can suggest such as an ebook to increase business.

Don't Forget Your Sales Letter.

Once you have a product to sell such as an ebook either created by you or by others, the next thing you can do is write a sales letter using some tricks I will show you about.

There are some key tactics that will make your advertising pay off in that sales letter.

There are only a few proven response-getting customer-bringing-in tricks that almost always works.

First of all, you need a headline.  And headline is 85% of the ad.  It needs to catch their attention.  If people don’t find it interesting they won’t read the rest of the ad.  Focus on creating an ad that the customer can relate.  Get him to read the whole ad.  Intensify his desire to read.

One of the best headlines start with “How To ….”  How to headlines have sold millions of products and work like a charm.  They are considered the safest type of headline.

Another type of good headline is ones that challenge the reader some way.  Create a headline like “If you can ___, then you have everything you need to successfully do ____”.  For example “If you can laugh, then …”.  What this type of headline does is that it immediately allows the reader to think that he can do it because he already has what he needs to be successful in some way.  You headline helps the reader believe he can do what your headline suggests.  It is a very good psychological expression that makes the reader feel good.

Second of all, you need a good ending to your advertisement.  At the very end your advertisement would do well to have a P.S. to close it.  P.S. works because it is the last thing that the reader looks at and most likely remembers.  It is your last chance to sell to the customer.  Use it wisely.

When writing your ad, focus on the customer and not yourself.  Use the word “you” rather than “I”.  This is about the customer and your ad needs to place it that way.

Repeating Yourself Is Sometimes A Good Idea.

When you are marketing online you want to provide links to the order page multiple times throughout your advertisement and not just one time.  Simply mentioning the exact same buy now link multiple times throughout the advertisement has been proven to increase sales over 20% alone.

A Guarantee Reassures The Customer, And It Really Does Work.

You want to give the customer a money back guarantee in case not satisfied.  It is a good selling point and most people do not return the item anyway.

Testing Your Sales Letter.

You can test the sales letter on which is an online advertising channel where your ads can be placed on Google where people can see it.  For example if you create an ad on about parrot training and someone does a google search for “parrot training” then your ad will pop up and bring traffic to your website or the owner’s website.

On your advertisement, test with variation.  Test the price of your product, the bonuses, the length and strength of your guarantee, etc.  You can test by sending your advertisements to small samples of customers and see how they react.

You want to get good testimony from a few customers that you can use in your ads to beef up your credibility.


Marketing can be very enjoyable and creative.  You have to like what you are doing and get into it like a workaholic.  Obviously there are many variations of the above. If you work hard at it, you can make money as an internet marketer.

P.S. Create A Website To Begin Your Business

You should get a website if you want to to be an internet marketing entrepreneur. A few things you will need for that.

  • A content management system (CMS) to create your website like WordPress or other type of CMS.
  • And a hosting company to host your website so people can see it, anywhere in the world.

The hosting company could be onshore or offshore. But offshore has tremendous advantages that you would do well to pay attention to here - LINK.