Get Rid Of Marks Using The Best Essential Oils For Scars

Essential oils from plants diminish scars naturally with better results. Jardinee covers the best essential oils for scars, healing your skin.

Get rid of your scars.
Get rid of your scars.
The Healing Powers Of Essential Oils
The Healing Powers Of Essential Oils

Scars Are Different Than Your Normal Skin

When you get a scar, it can be quite unpleasant, unsightly, and uncomfortable.
Scars occur when your second layer of skin is penetrated. The larger and deeper the cut, the more pronounced it can be. Naturally the body responds by repairing the damaged tissue with collagen. The problem is that this collagen is different than the normal collagen. It is less functional because it contains fibrous connective tissue that is insoluble fibrin. With this type of fibrin, the new tissue has only grows in a single direction which is different than the higher quality of normal tissue (soluble fibrin) that forms basket weave alignment (the best type of skin that grows in multiple directions). Also this new collagen has less elastin and consequently the area will have less elasticity than normal skin.

What A French Scientist Did With His Scar

A French scientist, René, was severely burned in a laboratory accident. He immersed his hand in a vat of liquids for two weeks. Gattefossé wondered how his hand healed so quickly and left no scar. Then he realized that the vat was filled with an essential oil called Lavender that was the cause of the rapid promotion of tissue regeneration, making his hand to be healed. As result, Rene spent the rest of his life researching and using the wonderful powers of essential oils.

It is amazing to see how God created plants, how they grow from a seed into beautiful flowers, trees, and many other forms of life, that is how nature work. Even to this day there are many wonderful things that scientists still do not understand. Plants have complex healing properties that were designed to naturally protect the plants from external influences. Cut off a branch and another one will grow to replace it. It would be prudent to see how nature can work for you.

The Amazing Healing Powers Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated, steam-distilled or cold-pressed extracts from seeds, roots, stems, bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, or any part of a plant. The healing properties contain a complex network of molecules that carry different effects to your body. Their power to overcome disease is so effective that if used properly it is possible to bypass unnecessary medication and surgeries. We can extract the excellent essential oils that hold the healing properties of plants for our own use. They can also complement and assist conventional methods if needed. You would do well to see how essential oils can help you.

I am sure you know of the wonderful health benefits of herbs. But did you realize that essential oils are 75 to 100 times more powerful than dried herbs?

Consequently, Demand for Essential Oils Is Rising

Bottles of essential oils.
Bottles of essential oils.

People are beginning to realize the power of essential oils and demand is rapidly rising. The global essential oils market is expected to grow from $9.62 billion in 2021 to $18.25 billion in 2028 and essential oils are by far the best oils for scars.\

Introducing Jardinee, Our New Site Covering Essential Oils

Jardinee, The Essential Oils Herbal Magazine
Jardinee, The Essential Oils Herbal Magazine

Jardinee covers in detail how the power of essential oils have tremendous potency and power to heal your ailments. Perhaps you already tried some conventional treatment or surgery and it did not worked out the way you wanted. You are looking for better way to deal with those scars. I know, it can be frustrating. Our new site covers the best essential oils for your scars of all kinds.

At Jardinee, we also cover carrier oils which should be mixed with the powerful essential oils which are too strong alone. Carrier oils help dilute the potency of essential oils so the skin can more easily absorb. There are several other reasons why carrier oils should be included. We cover it all in the article below. Check it out.

Jardinee - The 22 Best Essential Oils For Scars

P.S. - Also, if you haven't already, please check out our article on the excellent benefits of herbs.

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