Healthy Cooking Done Quickly

Do you need easy meals that are a cinch to cook? Serve your family quick and easy healthy meals each day. Nutritious meals that they will love.

Healthy Cooking Done Quickly
Couple cooking in the kitchen.


Do you need easy meals that are a cinch to cook? Would you like to serve your family quick healthy meals each day without much effort? Nutritious food doesn’t have to be bland or take a long time to prepare. You can easily prepare healthy recipes that taste great—and that your children will love.

Two excellent books meet the need in spades.

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Cinchy Family Meals

A delicious cookbook for everyday use
With this book cooking will suddenly become a cinch. It has kid-tested recipes, such as Southwestern Beef Roll-Ups, Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken, and Mexican Lasagna, these meals are sure to be winners on your table. 40 recipes that are quick, simple, and taste great.

Family quick healthy meals, easy to cook and full of taste.


• Deliciously healthy entrees, side dishes, and snacks that appeal to both children and adults.

• Recipes that are budget friendly, multicultural, and relatively quick and easy for busy families to make • Symbols that help identify types of recipes, such as “leftover friendly”.

• Tips to show children how to prepare recipes with the help of parents and caregivers. Cinchy Family Meals provides all this and more.

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A Peek At Recipes.

Main dish meals.
Recipe - Baked pork chops with apple cranberry sauce.

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Lunch and Brunch Recipes
Recipe - Quinoa stuffed tomatoes.
Pasta dishes.
Snacks Recipes

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We have another cookbook for your consideration.

Cinchy Dinners

An excellent cookbook for dinners
Staying healthy can be a challenge, but lifestyle changes like eating healthfully and being physically active can help lower your risk for heart disease and other conditions. The recipes in this cookbook are designed to give you a satisfying portion, while helping you stay within your calorie limits. One way to eat a healthy diet is to choose a variety of foods. Variety matters because no food has all the nutrients that your heart and the rest of your body need. Also, think about what you drink—choose nonalcoholic, low/no-calorie options such as water, skim milk, iced tea, club soda, diet soda, and sparkling beverages as a substitute for regular, sweetened beverages. When it comes to eating healthfully, portion size also matters.

Dinners that are easy to prepare and ready to please.

A Healthy Eating Plan.

• Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products

• Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts

• Is low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, and added sugars Cinchy Dinners provides all this and more.

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Another Peek Of Some Recipes.

Beef Recipes
Recipe - Japanese style beef and noodle soup.
Poultry Recipes

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Recipe - Asian style chicken wraps.
Seafood Recipes

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Two delicious cookbooks to cover all your needs.

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